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Comprehensive Aircraft Management & Operations

Bombardier Global 7500 landing

Defining Excellence in Aviation.

AerisJet provides tailored turnkey flight department operating solutions to our clients, operated and managed externally to their core business, offering all the benefits of aircraft ownership without exposing the client to time-consuming management, including the complexities of highly regulated industry compliance within aircraft operations and maintenance, safety management systems, staff management and recruitment and many other complex matters involved in operating an aircraft safely and efficiently.

Aircraft Delivery, Registration & Entry into Service

AerisJet works closely with the aircraft owner and its representatives, as well as trusted expert consultants to manage and coordinate the entry into service process with the aircraft delivery and possession, registration, ferry flights to the base of operations, hangarage, GSE, and importation for VAT/ GST into applicable jurisdictions as part of the entry into service process.

Commercial Flight Operations

AerisJet is a highly experienced operator of ultra-long-range business jet aircraft and holds an Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Part 121 Air Transport Aircraft Operating Certificate (AOC) for the commercial carriage of passengers and cargo worldwide.

Dispatch & Comprehensive Trip Planning

At AerisJet, we utilise sophisticated, modern flight planning, maintenance planning and trip scheduling software to manage all aspects of trip planning and safety with precision and efficiency. Our advanced systems, interfaced with leading industry services, allow us to optimise flight routes, manage airspace restrictions, and ensure timely departure and arrivals, providing a seamless experience from start to finish. Our experienced team meticulously oversees every detail, from safety and security, weather analysis, aircraft performance planning, flight routing and aircraft maintenance control and support, regulatory compliance, and catering ensuring that every facet of the trip is carefully coordinated for maximum safety, cost efficiency and client satisfaction.

Bespoke Charter Services

With the approval of the aircraft owner, AerisJet actively markets our client’s aircraft on third-party platforms that offer global marketing exposure to aircraft operators and charter brokers. We leverage these platforms, as well as our valued network of trusted high net-worth individuals and corporations to present our managed aircraft to a wide audience of suitable clients, maximising the opportunities for high-quality charter where required for fixed cost reduction and maintaining aircrew recency.

AerisJet Aircrew

AerisJet is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety and service by meticulously selecting and training our aircrew. We recruit highly skilled professionals, who undergo extensive training through recognised programs such as CAE and FlightSafety International, covering everything from recurrency, instrument and operator proficiency checks, and aircraft technical systems, to specialised customer service excellence. Our comprehensive training ensures our crew is equipped with the latest safety, technical, medical, and security knowledge, aligned with current aviation regulations. Additionally, AerisJet Aircrew Pty Ltd offers scalable training solutions and support, including pilot hire, to ensure optimal crew readiness and performance across all operations. This rigorous approach ensures every AerisJet flight meets exceptional standards of safety and client satisfaction.

Maintenance Management

AerisJet's maintenance control services are expertly coordinated by our Head of Aircraft Airworthiness and Maintenance Control (HAAMC) and Maintenance Controller, ensuring full compliance with airworthiness standards and regulations. These professionals oversee all maintenance activities, from routine checks to emergency repairs, effectively managing maintenance contracts, aircraft technical records and documentation, and liaising with regulatory bodies. This rigorous oversight maintains our fleet’s safety, reliability, and performance, giving clients confidence in their operational security. Additionally, based on specific operational needs, AerisJet provides specialised maintenance support personnel to enhance dispatch reliability and support our aircrew during remote operations, further demonstrating our commitment to operational excellence.

Cost Optimisation

At AerisJet, we prioritise cost optimisation through rigorous supplier negotiation and transparent contracting, ensuring no undisclosed markups or hidden margins. Our financial practices are built on a foundation of transparency, allowing clients to audit all costs via our advanced software systems that ensure accurate and fair billing. We secure the best prices through effective supplier relationships and proactive negotiations, such as obtaining competitive fuel quotes and paying in advance when beneficial. Additionally, every expenditure requires approval from our management team, utilising a multi-level sign-off process that guarantees all expenses are justified and aligned with our operational goals. This meticulous approach to cost management not only enhances our negotiation capabilities but also ensures that our clients receive the best value, maintaining both operational efficiency and financial integrity.

Advanced Budgeting & Monthly Reporting

At AerisJet, we utilise advanced budgeting tools and robust monthly reporting to ensure transparency and control over the financial aspects of aircraft operations. Our parallel software systems guarantee the accuracy and completeness of utilisation and financial reports, forming a dependable basis for financial oversight. By closely engaging with our clients, we understand their specific needs and can develop accurate operating cost forecasts. Each month, we provide detailed reports that not only track operational metrics and costs but also highlight any discrepancies, allowing for timely strategy adjustments. Our sophisticated systems also use desensitised market data to accurately predict mission costs at key locations, enhancing our ability to generate valuable insights and aid in our clients’ strategic decision-making. This strategic financial management ensures our clients are fully informed and maintain control over their aircraft operations, both financially and operationally.

Secure Owner Portal

Owner portal on a laptop

AerisJet offers an enhanced ownership experience through our secure online owner portal, accessible on both desktop and mobile platforms. This comprehensive tool delivers transparency and convenience by providing detailed insights into flight metrics, crew schedules, and financial reports, all underpinned by original invoices for every transaction. Customisable to suit various informational needs, the portal also allows owners to directly submit flight requests, streamlining communications and boosting operational accuracy and efficiency. This system ensures that all pertinent information is readily available at the client's convenience, enhancing their overall management experience.

Key Account Manager

A Key Account Manager is assigned to you and is responsible for maintaining a strong line of communication with you and your representatives, providing dedicated oversight of your aircraft operation, and ensuring all your aviation needs are met.

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