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Bespoke Aircraft Management and Charter Operations

Fly with Confidence.

AerisJet is a bespoke private jet management and charter operator, offering world’s best practices in implementing solutions for aircraft owners and users.

Bombardier Global 7500 in Hangar

Beyond Horizons:

AerisJet's Ultra-Long Range Commitment.



At AerisJet, integrity, transparency, and ethical conduct are the cornerstones of our professional promise. We are dedicated to excellence and client-centric solutions, continually enhancing our services through innovation and collaboration. Committed to the long-term satisfaction and loyalty of our clients, we ensure every decision aligns with their best interests, upholding unparalleled standards in every aspect of our operations.


Service Quality

AerisJet is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of service quality, with meticulous attention to safety, customisation, and operational efficiency. Through strategic management and rigorous compliance controls, we ensure that our services meet the demanding and dynamic requirements of our clients, setting the benchmark for excellence in business aviation.


Safety & Operational Excellence

AerisJet is committed to revolutionising safety and operational excellence in the aviation industry. We aim to set new standards by addressing the widespread challenges of inadequate management and transparency seen in large fleet operations. By focusing on rigorous adherence to the world's best practices, AerisJet ensures that every aspect of our operations enhances the safety, efficiency, and value of our clients' investments, steadfastly protecting their interests at every turn.


Industry-leading Experience

The AerisJet team comprises industry-leading professionals, each with a wealth of experience in managing complex business aviation operations globally. Our experts bring a blend of dedication, expertise, and insight, ensuring that every AerisJet service upholds the highest standards of excellence and client satisfaction.

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Experience the ultimate in luxury and efficiency with our ultra-long-range aircraft ready for charter. Browse our fleet and choose AerisJet for your next journey.

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Aircraft Management

Learn how AerisJet is redefining standards in Aircraft Management and Operations.

Through bespoke solutions and relentless attention to detail, AerisJet is redefining the standards of aircraft management and operations, offering clients a seamless blend of luxury and operational excellence.

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